Australian Curriculum Review Consultation – Email submissions and comments Privacy notice

Notice of collection under Australian Privacy Principle 5 (Privacy Act 1988 Cth)

This notice is to advise you that personal information about you may be collected for the Australian Curriculum Review Consultation when you email your submissions and comments through email to ([email protected]).

On 12 June 2020, education ministers agreed that ACARA review the Foundation – Year 10 Australian Curriculum, which had been in place since 2015. Read the Review's Terms of Reference (94 kb).

The aim of the review is to improve the Australian Curriculum from Foundation to Year 10 by refining, realigning and reducing the existing content of the curriculum.

A survey has been developed to obtain both quantitative and qualitative data from stakeholders on the proposed revisions to the Australian Curriculum released for consultation from 29 April - 8 July 2021. This survey will be the main methodology used to gather feedback. This will inform reports on the proposed changes. Reports may include feedback that you provide to ACARA via email to [email protected]
as part of this review (excluding your personal name and any other information that could identify you personally).


Section 40 of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority Act 2008 (Cth) authorises ACARA to collect student and teacher personal information for purposes including conducting research relating to the national school curriculum.

Whilst ACARA is not intending to collect people’s names, email addresses, or other contact information in relation to this survey, ACARA will collect your email address when you email ACARA. For this reason, ACARA is treating your email address and content as if they contain personal information.

ACARA protects the data it collects in accordance with the standards in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). For further information, see ACARA’s privacy policy (

It is open to respondents to complete the online survey, rather than send submissions and comments through an email. In this way, respondents do not need to identify themselves.


ACARA only discloses personal information where consistent with our legal obligations, which includes obligations in any agreement that regulates the ways in which personal information can be used and disclosed by ACARA or its contractors.

ACARA will disclose the survey data and de-identified email comments that reflect the Review’s terms of reference, to our contractor who will undertake an independent analysis of the data and prepare reports.

ACARA does not disclose personal information overseas.

Access and correction

If you have identified yourself through your email address and wish to access or correct this information, you may contact ACARA (


If you wish to make a complaint about ACARA’s privacy practices, you can lodge a complaint with ACARA directly. ACARA’s privacy policy ( provides information on how to make a complaint and how ACARA deals with complaints.