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Landsdale Primary School


Lansdale Primary School is situated in the north-eastern suburbs of Perth and at the time of filming had 942 K–7 students. The students come from various cultural backgrounds with 38 per cent having English as an additional language or dialect. Lansdale Primary School began working with the Australian Curriculum, commencing one learning area at a time. When programming and teaching, teachers work in teams and take responsibility for different sections of the learning area. All work is steeped in research, and the teachers work and teach in an environment that is committed to whole-school approaches and initiatives. The teachers embrace collaboration and share responsibility for student growth and learning.

When Lansdale Primary School began implementing the Australian Curriculum, it adopted a whole-school approach, focusing on one learning area at a time. Professional development, finances and team meetings were focused on the particular learning area in focus. Teachers work in teams making the timetable an important aspect of how the school manages the facilitation of the Australian Curriculum. The large school size enabled all staff on a year level to be released at the same time to collaborate and plan together. With ICT integration as a high priority specialist ICT teachers are used to provide leadership to the school staff in this area. The general capabilities are seen as a rich component and are integrated and imbedded into teaching/learning programs. Research provided by Hattie and Semple, and a vision for world’s best practice provide the foundation for pedagogy and planning in the school.The next focus for the school is on the achievement standards and consistency in assessment that will enable students to demonstrate their success.

Lansdale Primary School achieved Independent Public School (IPS) status in 2010. There are five administrative staff, 47 teaching staff, seven specialist learning area staff and 40 school support staff. The school consists of five purpose-built early childhood rooms, 28 primary classrooms, and specialist music and visual arts rooms.As an independent public school, Lansdale is able to merit select and match teachers with school priorities. The school has developed its own behaviour management model based on the work of Martin Seligman and positive psychology. The staff are developing shared educational responsibility between the school and parents through the award-winning Linking Education and Parents (LEAP) Program. The early childhood teachers use the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Technology is an integral part of education at the school.

Landsdale Primary School
Landsdale WA 6065 Australia

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