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Mawson Primary School


Mawson Primary School is situated in the suburbs of Canberra. 50 per cent of the student population has EAL/D. The school offers all students the opportunity to learn Mandarin as a second language. There are several bilingual classes, where students learn to speak, write and read the Mandarin language for up to two days a week. In implementing the Australian Curriculum, the school has embraced the general capabilities and they are at the centre of the programming and planning for the students. Teachers work in teams to program and plan for the students, using the Australian Curriculum and taking responsibility for subjects in both planning and teaching.

Mawson Primary School worked with the ACT Department of Education following the Australian Curriculum implementation timeline. The general capabilities form the foundation of the school, with sustainability a significant focus. Additionally, engaging with Asia is a priority with students learning empathy, ethical understanding and intercultural understanding as part of their learning.Class teachers work together in a team with an executive member as a leader. The school timetable enables the teams to meet in ‘stand-down time’ for programming, planning and professional learning. The teachers started by identifying what elements of the Australian Curriculum they had been teaching. The school has begun to report using the Australian Curriculum weaving the key words from the achievement standards into their school-based reports to parents. 

Mawson Primary School is a government public school built in 1968 and at the time of filming had a population of 311 students, from Preschool to Year 6. There are 22 teachers, two of whom are bilingual teachers and four are specialised Mandarin language teachers. Mandarin language immersion classes commenced in 2000. Mawson Primary School is an inclusive, safe, well-resourced and supportive learning environment that promotes academic success for all students, assisting them to reach their potential. The school strives to deliver quality education that enables students to become literate, numerate and successful. There is a strong focus on teachers working in teams and accessing professional learning opportunities to support the students in their schooling

Mawson Primary School
Mawson ACT 2607 Australia

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250 - 400 students


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