Work samples

The Arts: Dance

Years 5 and 6

Above satisfactory

The Arts: Dance - Above satisfactory - Years 5 and 6

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can confidently perform a variety of movements and dance sequences with control, accuracy, strength, coordination, alignment and balance (WS1, WS2). The student can perform in collaboration with other dancers, hold position and maintain concentration (WS2) and direct and maintain clear focus on audience (WS1, WS2). They can choreograph using features of a site to influence dance pathways and non-locomotor movements, and can choreograph change in levels and use choreographic devices including canon and unison to create visual interest and highlight spatial features of a site (WS1). The student can identify and explain in detail how various elements of dance communicate ideas and meaning (WS1). They are able to explain how the choreographic devices of canon and unison can be used to communicate meaning (WS1).

Work samples

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