Work samples

The Arts: Music

Years 5 and 6


Composition: Penguins soundscape

Summary of task

Students learning in music builds upon learning from the previous band. S​tudents perform from a musical score that they have graphically notated and composed collaboratively with the ensemble in response to their study of penguins in the local habitat.

The task involved students experimenting with elements of music by improvising patterns, phrases and melodies to establish the mood for their composition. Students were identifying and describing features of rhythm, melody and structure that create effects in their improvisations. They manipulated the timbre of a range of instruments and voices to create and vary mood or atmosphere.

Students listened to music about animals including Penguin Circus by Nigel Westlake and responded to the different sections of the music with storytelling to identify how the character of the penguin was reflected in the music. They later discussed how the music helped them demonstrate rhythm through movement. They explored the movement and behaviours of penguins evident in their coastal community. Students learned to play music on classroom instruments. Students collaboratively composed and performed their own musical soundscape inspired by their study of the local penguins.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 6, students explain how the elements of music are used to communicate meaning in the music they listen to, compose and perform. They describe how their music making is influenced by music and performances from different cultures, times and places.

Students use rhythm, pitch and form symbols and terminology to compose and perform music. They sing and play music in different styles, demonstrating aural, technical and expressive skills by singing and playing instruments with accurate pitch, rhythm and expression in performances for audiences.

By the end of Year 6, students explain how ideas are communicated in artworks they make and to which they respond. They describe characteristics of artworks from different social, historical and cultural contexts that influence their art making.

Students structure elements and processes of arts subjects to make artworks that communicate meaning. They work collaboratively to share artworks for audiences, demonstrating skills and techniques.

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