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The Arts: Media Arts

Years 7 and 8

Above satisfactory

Magazine cover

Summary of task

Students studied the conventions and technical and symbolic elements of magazine covers and how they engage an audience. They explored how the media creates meaning and engages particular audiences with precision on magazine covers to market magazines. In particular, students analysed symbolic elements that identify a target audience for the marketing of a magazine. Students were later engaged in a process of analysis and planning to help them to design their own magazine cover. This was a summative assessment in a broader five-week unit in which learning to use desktop publishing software was also a key outcome. The final copies of the magazine covers were displayed in the students’ classroom.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students identify and analyse how representations of social values and points of view are portrayed in the media artworks they make, distribute and view. They evaluate how they and other makers and users of media artworks from different cultures, times and places use genre and media conventions and technical and symbolic elements to make meaning. They identify and analyse the social and ethical responsibility of the makers and users of media artworks.

Students produce representations of social values and points of view in media artworks for particular audiences and contexts. They use genre and media conventions and shape technical and symbolic elements for specific purposes and meaning. They collaborate with others in design and production processes, and control equipment and technologies to achieve their intentions.

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