Learning Continuum of Numeracy (Version 8.4)

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This element involves students gaining familiarity with the way statistical information is represented.

Students solve problems in authentic contexts that involve collecting, recording, displaying, comparing and evaluating the effectiveness of data displays of various types. They use appropriate language and numerical representations when explaining the outcomes of chance events. In developing and acting with numeracy, students:

  • interpret data displays
  • interpret chance events.

Level 1a


Interpret data displays

display information using real objects or photographs and respond to questions about the information displayed

Interpret chance events

Level 1b is the starting point for this sub-element

Level 1b

Typically by the end of Foundation Year, students:

Interpret data displays

recognise how to ask and answer simple data questions and interpret data in drawings or picture graphs

Interpret chance events

recognise that some events might or might not happen

Level 2

Typically by the end of Year 2, students:

Interpret data displays

collect and describe data on a relevant issue based on one variable and display as lists, tables or picture graphs

Interpret chance events

identify and describe familiar events that involve chance