Senior secondary curriculum (Version 8.4)


Fifteen senior secondary subjects across English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography have been endorsed by the council of federal, state and territory education ministers as the agreed and common base for the development of state and territory senior secondary courses. English, Mathematics, Science and History subjects were endorsed in December 2012, and Geography was endorsed in July 2013.

The senior secondary Australian Curriculum for each subject specifies content and achievement standards. The content describes the knowledge, understanding and skills that are to be taught and learned. The achievement standards describe the quality of learning (the depth of understanding, extent of knowledge and sophistication of skill) expected of students who have studied the content for the subject.

State and territory curriculum, assessment and certification authorities are responsible for determining how the Australian Curriculum content and achievement standards are to be integrated into their courses. The state and territory authorities also determine assessment and certification specifications for their courses and any additional information, guidelines and rules to satisfy local requirements, including advice on entry and exit points and credit for completed study.

ACARA continues to work with states and territories to develop processes, options and timelines for further senior secondary Australian Curriculum subjects.