Learning Continuum of Numeracy (Version 8.4)

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This element involves students developing an understanding of the meaning of fractions and decimals, their representations as percentages, ratios and rates, and how they can be applied in real-life situations.

Students visualise, order and describe shapes and objects using their proportions and the relationships of percentages, ratios and rates to solve problems in authentic contexts. In developing and acting with numeracy, students:

  • interpret proportional reasoning
  • apply proportional reasoning.

Level 1a


Interpret proportional reasoning

recognise a ‘whole’ and ‘parts of a whole’ within everyday contexts

Apply proportional reasoning

Level 1b is the starting point for this sub-element

Level 1b

Typically by the end of Foundation Year, students:

Interpret proportional reasoning

recognise that a whole object can be divided into equal parts

Apply proportional reasoning

identify quantities such as more, less and the same in everyday comparisons

Level 2

Typically by the end of Year 2, students:

Interpret proportional reasoning

visualise and describe halves and quarters

Apply proportional reasoning

solve problems using halves and quarters