Implementation of the Australian Curriculum

Implementation of the Australian Curriculum

State and territory curriculum and school authorities are responsible for the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in their schools, in line with system and jurisdictional policies and requirements. They make decisions about the extent and timing of take-up and translation of the intended Australian Curriculum into the curriculum that is experienced by students.

The Australian Curriculum can be used flexibly by schools, according to jurisdictional and system policies and schedules, to develop programs that meet the educational needs of their students and that extend and challenge students. Schools implement the Australian Curriculum in ways that value teachers’ professional knowledge, reflect local contexts and take into account individual students’ family, cultural and community backgrounds.

Progress with implementation of the full scope of the Australian Curriculum in each state and territory level is informed by, amongst other things:

  • the readiness of their systems, schools and teachers
  • the extent of change from current curriculum provision
  • available resources
  • existing curriculum development cycles and processes.

Schools develop tailored local curricula that meet the needs of their students either directly from the Australian Curriculum, in some states and territories, or from curriculum documents incorporating the Australian Curriculum, in others.

More information about the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in each state and territory by curriculum and school authorities can be found on the ‘Foundation – Year 10’ page of the ACARA website.

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