Learning F-2

Learning F-2

Students bring to school a wide range of experiences, abilities, needs and interests. They have a natural curiosity about their world. Their desire to make sense of the world provides a platform to plan and review their learning through interactions with others, experimentation, scaffolding, explicit teaching, practice and play in the classroom and beyond.

The Australian Curriculum builds on the key learning outcomes of the national Early Years Learning Framework.

In Foundation – Year 2, priority in the Australian Curriculum is given to literacy and numeracy development because these are the foundations on which further learning is built. The foundation for the Literacy general capability is built primarily in English; and the foundation for the Numeracy general capability is built primarily in Mathematics. However, both Literacy and Numeracy capabilities are reinforced and strengthened through learning in all areas of the curriculum.

The Foundation – Year 2 English curriculum engages students with listening, reading, viewing, speaking and writing activities for various purposes and contexts. It supports students to create and enjoy a range of literature. It presents explicit strategies for beginning reading and writing, spelling and expanding students’ vocabulary. The English curriculum expands students’ understanding of the conventions of spoken and written language use at home, at school, socially and in other contexts to promote skills and interest in language and its use and importance.

The Foundation – Year 2 Mathematics curriculum develops a sense of number, order, sequence, pattern and position, using the students’ environment. It introduces mathematical symbols and language to communicate and explain mathematical ideas; it presents simple strategies to pose basic mathematical questions and to investigate and solve simple, concrete problems.

The development of movement skills, and social and emotional skills through physical play, and the development of knowledge and skills to help keep students safe, healthy and active are provided for in the Health and Physical Education curriculum. Purposeful exploration in personal and familiar contexts provides an opportunity for students to harness their curiosity about people, places and how their world works, as they develop skills in inquiry and investigation in Science, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

In these early years, the development of sensory, cognitive and affective appreciation of the world is provided through exploratory, analytical and creative practices in The Arts and Technologies curricula, and through the opportunity to learn a language using the Languages curricula.

Resources and support materials for the Australian Curriculum across Foundation – Year 2 are available as PDF documents.

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