Mathematics proficiencies

Understanding / Fluency / Problem-Solving / Reasoning

Year 7

Number and algebra: Game show – Licence to solve

Summary of task

Students participated in a dice rolling game where they rolled two number dice and an operation die to determine the mathematical operation to be performed. The winner was the student with the highest number.


At this year level understanding includes describing patterns in uses of indices with whole numbers, recognising equivalences between fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios, plotting points on the Cartesian plane, identifying angles formed by a transversal crossing a pair of lines, and connecting the laws and properties of numbers to algebraic terms and expressions.

At this year level fluency includes calculating accurately with integers, representing fractions and decimals in various ways, investigating best buys, finding measures of central tendency and calculating areas of shapes and volumes of prisms.

At this year level problem-solving includes formulating and solving authentic problems using numbers and measurements, working with transformations and identifying symmetry, calculating angles and interpreting sets of data collected through chance experiments.

At this year level reasoning includes applying the number laws to calculations, applying known geometric facts to draw conclusions about shapes, applying an understanding of ratio and interpreting data displays.