What is the focus of the numeracy progression?

Numeracy development influences student success in many areas of learning at school. The progression can be used to support students to successfully engage with the numeracy demands of the Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum.

The National Numeracy Learning Progression outlines a sequence of observable indicators of increasingly sophisticated understanding of and skills in key numeracy concepts. By providing a comprehensive view of numeracy learning and how it develops over time, the progression gives teachers a conceptual tool that can assist them to develop targeted teaching and learning programs for students who are working above or below year-level expectations.

The progression does not advise on how to teach, plan, program, assess or report in schools. It recognises the importance of, but does not describe, the sequence for specific learning area content related to numeracy development such as graphing and constructing timelines.

The Australian Core Skills Framework has been used to guide decisions on the scope of the progressions. The progression is designed to assist students in reaching a level of proficiency in numeracy to at least Level 3 of the Core Skills Framework.