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Lansdowne Crescent Primary School


Lansdowne Crescent Primary is a city school in Hobart. At the time of filming the school had a population of 400 students from Foundation to Year 6. The school has been implementing the Australian Curriculum since 2011 and has embedded the English, mathematics, science, history and geography content into its program. Lansdowne Crescent Primary School has a learner-centered philosophy. Planning teaching and learning starts with a focus on students, where they are in their learning and to where they need to move. Student data and collaborative team planning using the Australian Curriculum are key features of how the school plans for its students.

The school uses four questions to guide the planning for students in the school: What do the students need to learn? How will they learn it? How will staff know the students have learnt it? What will the staff do if the students don’t learn it or already know it? Staff collaboratively work in four teams, meeting each week to plan and share information about student achievement. The staff backward map from the achievement standards, integrating subjects and using student data focusing on the four school planning questions. The school differentiates the curriculum using the general capabilities and learning area scope and sequences.  The Australian Curriculum gave the school the impetus for change, which brought the teachers together to work in teams. The teams have a strong understanding of the achievement of all students, not just the students in their class. Another unintended outcome of implementation has been the increase in parent confidence in what the children are being taught.

In 2014 Lansdowne Crescent Primary School had 14 classes and a classroom teaching staff of 20, as well as additional specialist staff for music, library, Indonesian and physical education. There are three teachers and eight teacher assistants who support the literacy program and students with high needs. The school connects regularly with their sister school in Indonesia. Lansdowne has a strong connection to the bushland next to the school and has created an interactive trail of the area using QR (quick response) codes and a website that hosts student-developed information about the history, geology and geography of the area.

Lansdowne Crescent Primary School
West Hobart TAS 7000 Australia

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250 - 400 students


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