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St John’s Lutheran Primary School


St John's Lutheran Primary School is located in the coastal town of Bundaberg and has been operating for over 30 years. At the time of filming, the school had 200 F–7students. A community kindergarten is also located on site. The school began the curriculum journey by reviewing their school ethos and then using ‘The 5P Challenge’ developed for and with Lutheran schools by Dr Meg Noack. The school used additional funding to access an outside specialist to assist with teacher professional development.

The school began the curriculum journey using ‘The 5P Challenge’ developed for and with Lutheran schools by Dr Meg Noack. This process begins with focusing on people, priorities, pacing and timing, processes and philosophy. The big shift for the school was to a standards-based curriculum, and this included assessment and reporting to parents. Extensive parent consultation occurred throughout the curriculum implementation and the development of a new reporting format.

Two important structural changes for the school during the implementation of the Australian Curriculum were the introduction of a fortnightly meeting with a curriculum focus and the development of proformas for unit planning and scope and sequences. Another focus alongside the English curriculum implementation was the development of reading and assessment package, which assists teachers to program for students’ individual reading comprehension needs. The achievements of students are tracked by the whole staff on a data wall.

St John's Lutheran Primary School seeks to promote a caring Christian atmosphere in a family environment that encourages both learning and development of each student’s individual personality. Along with implementing the Australian Curriculum, students receive lessons based on the Lutheran Christian Studies Curriculum. 

The school has a non-teaching staff of 11 and teaching staff of 15. There is a kindergarten onsite and students receive specialist lessons in Japanese, visual arts and music. A classroom music program is supplemented with on-site music lessons and student participation in a band and a choir. 

The school appointed a mathematics teacher and an English teacher to lead curriculum implementation. Staff collaborate well in sharing educational ideas to guide students towards the development of self-discipline, while retaining a positive attitude and enthusiasm for great learning.

St John’s Lutheran Primary School
Bundaberg QLD 4670 Australia

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130-250 students


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