Steps to personalise learning: CASE

The CASE steps can assist teachers in planning teaching and learning programs based on the Australian Curriculum to meet their students’ diverse needs.

CASE: Content

Start with learning area content that aligns with students’ chronological age to:

  • plan age-appropriate teaching and learning programs
  • develop rigorous programs that challenge and engage all students
  • ensure that all students progress.

CASE: Abilities

Adjust the teaching and learning programs and classroom instruction to:

  • draw on students’ interests and abilities to personalise age-equivalent learning area content
  • use the general capabilities and/or cross-curriculum priorities to adjust the learning focus
  • align age-equivalent learning area content with individual learning goals.



CASE: Standards

Assess student progress in relation to achievement standards and individual learning goals.

Note: Requirements for assessment and reporting may differ across states and territories.

CASE: Evaluation

Evaluate actions taken to personalise student learning. Teachers review these actions in consultation with the student, their family/carers and other professionals, to evaluate and respond to the impact of personalised learning strategies. Evaluation of these strategies acknowledges successes and determines whether alternate personalised learning strategies are required to ensure that the student progresses.



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