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Digital Technologies

Years 5 and 6


Digital Technologies - Satisfactory - Years 5 and 6

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can explain the fundamentals of digital system components (hardware, software and networks) and how digital systems are connected to form networks (WS3). The student can explain how digital systems use whole numbers as a basis for representing a variety of data types (WS4).

The student can define problems in terms of data and functional requirements and design solutions by developing algorithms to address the problems (WS1, WS2). The student can incorporate decision-making, repetition and user interface design into their designs and implement their digital solutions (WS1, WS2), including a visual program (WS2). They explain how information systems and their solutions meet needs and consider sustainability (WS1). Students manage the creation and communication of ideas and information in collaborative digital projects using validated data and agreed protocols (WS1, WS2).

Work samples

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