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Year 8

Above satisfactory

Geography - Above satisfactory - Year 8

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can analyse the interconnections between people and environments (WS1) and how and why places are perceived and valued differently (WS2). Through an examination of the factors associated with the movement to and from urban and rural areas (WS1), the student analyses how these interconnections influence people and change environments (WS1). Through a series of structured tasks, the student explores and explains interconnections within environments and between people and places (WS2).

The student work shows an ability to identify, describe and explain a range of social, economic and environmental factors that contribute to internal migration patterns (WS1), proposing detailed explanations for the relationships and resulting distributions over time and across space (WS1), supported by examples. The student compares alternative strategies to a geographical challenge by synthesising environmental, economic and social factors (WS2). The student analyses and synthesises data to draw reasoned conclusions (WS1, WS2) and presents findings, explanations  and conclusions using relevant geographical terminology (WS1, WS2) and proposes action in response to a geographical challenge and uses specific evidence to predict the outcomes of their proposal (WS2).

Work samples

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