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Year 10


Geography - Satisfactory - Year 10

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that students can use some research to develop and modify geographically significant questions to frame an inquiry (WS1). They evaluate a range of secondary sources to select relevant geographical data and information to answer inquiry questions (WS1). Students collect, record and accurately represent geographical multi-variable data in appropriate forms including graphs, tables and maps, which conform to some cartographic conventions (WS1,2). They recognise some of the significant interconnections between people, places and environments (WS1,2) and identify changes in the characteristics of places and environments over time (WS2). They analyse data and information, make some basic inferences (WS1,2) and identify trends and anomalies across time and place (WS2). Students evaluate data and information, synthesising and communicating their findings in appropriate formats using geographical terminology (WS1,2).

Work samples

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