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Year 7


Geography - Satisfactory - Year 7

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can describe some of the human and geographical processes that influence the characteristics of places, and how places are perceived and valued differently (WS1, WS2). The student explains spatial distributions and patterns among geographical phenomena, and proposes explanations for interconnections between people and places and environments (WS1, WS2).

The student locates relevant information from secondary sources to answer geographically significant inquiry questions and evaluates sources for their usefulness (WS1). They analyse multi-variable data and geographical information to identify relationships and propose explanations and draw conclusions (WS1). They represent data and information about geographical processes, distributions and patterns in several formats (WS1), including graphs and maps which conform to cartographic conventions (WS2). The student proposes strategies in response to geographical challenges and describes their economic, environmental and social considerations (WS1, WS2). They present findings and proposals in a range of digital and non-digital formats using relevant geographical terminology and graphic representations (WS1, WS2).

Work samples

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