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Health and Physical Education

Years 7 and 8

Below satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Below satisfactory - Years 7 and 8

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can identify physical changes that occur during puberty and recognise that during puberty relationships also change (WS3). They identify a number of emotions that impact on relationships and provide reasons for different emotional responses and an explanation of how to manage their own emotional responses in given situations (WS10, WS11). The student identifies a limited number of personal qualities that contribute to being a good friend and how friends can help others to feel included (WS9). They identify simple cues and signs that make a situation unsafe and propose a simple strategy to minimise risk (WS1).

The student is able to compare two different healthy eating models and use this information to provide basic reasons for having nutritional guidelines (WS2). They identify a health benefit for being in the outdoors and identify actions they and others can take to care for the environment and suggest ideas for preparing for outdoor activities (WS12). The student can identify fitness components and is able to explain activities that improve health-related fitness components (WS6). They demonstrate basic understanding of the skills of a game, perform skills with limited control and accuracy (WS5, WS7) and can identify a skill that could be transferred to a new game (WS4). The student displays limited awareness of their position in relation to others when composing and performing a dance sequence in unison (WS8) and is able to identify aspects of a skill which can be refined to improve performance (WS5, WS7).

Work samples

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