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The Arts: Visual Arts

Foundation to Year 2

Above satisfactory

Art response: Leaving home

Summary of task

Students engaged in responding to the subject matter and narrative in Aboriginal Nyoongar artist Laurel Nannup’s woodcut print, Leaving home. They were also required to analyse elements such as shape, the artist’s choice to exclude colour, and the technique of printmaking. The artist’s context of her grandmother’s forced removal from her family was effectively covered as part of section 2 through the reading of the narrative that accompanies the artwork in a picture book.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 2, students describe artworks they make and view and where and why artworks are made and presented.

Students make artworks in different forms to express their ideas, observations and imagination, using different techniques and processes.

By the end of Year 2, students describe artworks they make and those to which they respond. They consider where and why people make artworks.

Students use the elements and processes of arts subjects to make and share artworks that represent ideas.

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