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The Arts: Dance

Years 3 and 4


Choreography: Telling stories

Summary of task

Students investigated how elements of dance can be used to tell a story. The task consisted of two sections that were joined together. The first part engaged the students in the development of understanding of repetition and contrast to communicate their fictional country or place. The second part required them to choose a totem animal.

Students were placed into small groups and asked to create a story about their group, imagining themselves as a family or clan. Each group translated their story into movement demonstrating their fictional country and totem animal, as well as freeze frames and the use of levels. 


Achievement standard

By the end of Year 4, students describe and discuss similarities and differences between dances they make, perform and view. They discuss how they and others organise the elements of dance in dances depending on the purpose.

Students structure movements into dance sequences and use the elements of dance and choreographic devices to represent a story or mood. They collaborate to make dances and perform with control, accuracy, projection and focus.

By the end of Year 4, students describe and discuss similarities and differences between artworks they make and those to which they respond. They discuss how they and others organise the elements and processes in artworks.

Students collaborate to plan and make artworks that communicate ideas.

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