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Design and Technologies

Years 9 and 10

Below satisfactory

Investigation: Sustainable design

Summary of task

Students researched the social and ethical challenges for society associated with modern industrial and commercial manufacture of consumer goods. They identified the consumer behaviours associated with increases in environmental impact and explained how the design and manufacture of products can promote more sustainable outcomes. Students produced a multimedia presentation, which they delivered to the class. They identified three contemporary commercial products that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable outcomes and explained how the designers had achieved this.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 10, students explain how people working in design and technologies occupations consider factors that impact on design decisions and the technologies used to produce products, services and environments. They identify the changes necessary to designed solutions to realise preferred futures they have described. When producing designed solutions for identified needs or opportunities, students evaluate the features of technologies and their appropriateness for purpose for one or more of the technologies contexts.

Students create designed solutions for one or more of the technologies contexts based on a critical evaluation of needs or opportunities. They establish detailed criteria for success, including sustainability considerations, and use these to evaluate their ideas and designed solutions and processes. They create and connect design ideas and processes of increasing complexity and justify decisions. Students communicate and document projects, including marketing for a range of audiences. They independently and collaboratively apply sequenced production and management plans when producing designed solutions, making adjustments to plans when necessary. They select and use appropriate technologies skilfully and safely to produce high-quality designed solutions suitable for the intended purpose.

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