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The Arts: Visual Arts

Years 7 and 8

Below satisfactory

Merged landscapes

Summary of task

Students were engaged in a process of creating an artwork of a landscape with merged perspectives to communicate a viewpoint on sustainability. They explored Aboriginal Waanyi artist Judy Watson’s own viewpoints on sustainability, as well as her use of linear and aerial perspectives in her artworks Heron island suite #3 and #16. The students began the task with visual research, taking photographs on tablets and making drawings of the environment from different perspectives. They used their findings to inform their own artworks of a landscape with merged perspectives, and raise awareness of their own ecological viewpoints. They evaluated their completed artwork by considering the effectiveness of their artistic choices to communicate a message of environmental and/or cultural sustainability.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students identify and analyse how other artists use visual conventions and viewpoints to communicate ideas and apply this knowledge in their art making. They explain how an artwork is displayed to enhance its meaning. They evaluate how they and others are influenced by artworks from different cultures, times and places.

Students plan their art making in response to exploration of techniques and processes used in their own and others’ artworks. They demonstrate use of visual conventions, techniques and processes to communicate meaning in their artworks.

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