Representation of Cross-curriculum priorities

Representation of Cross-curriculum priorities

While the significance of the cross-curriculum priorities for Geography varies, there are opportunities for teachers to select contexts that incorporate the key concepts from each priority.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

Students are provided with a range of opportunities to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in Geography. They can, for example, investigate how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People may be unequally affected by natural and ecological hazards, are represented in the challenges faced by places, have contributed to land cover change in Australia through their land management practices over time, and have been affected by land cover change and the process of international cultural integration. More broadly, students develop a range of capabilities that enable them to independently construct informed responses to the range of geographical issues involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia

Students could investigate a wide range of contexts that draw on Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia through Geography. This priority can be addressed through: the study of natural and ecological hazards and how the risks associated with such occurrences can be managed to eliminate or minimise harm to people and the environment; the challenges faced by megacities in developing countries, particularly those from the Asia region; human-related land cover transformations; and other transformations taking place as a result of economic and cultural integration.


Students can explicitly address Sustainability in Geography through an investigation of the approaches to sustainability and through an evaluation of alternative responses to geographical issues and phenomena. In doing so, they use economic, social and environmental criteria to frame investigative questions and to measure the capacity of something to be maintained indefinitely into the future.