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Health and Physical Education

Years 5 and 6

Above satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Above satisfactory - Years 5 and 6

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that students investigate and explain significant physical and emotional changes experienced during puberty and suggest a range of ways to manage these changes personally and for others (WS6). They explain in detail the influence of the media, people and places on perceptions, behaviour and identity including the factors that have influenced their own personal qualities (WS4, WS6). Students describe emotional reactions to situations that young people face (WS3, WS4, WS6) and suggest how they can include and contribute to the wellbeing of others by providing support and advice and by working together as a team (WS3, WS6). Students access relevant and accurate health information in relation to puberty (WS6) and use a problem-solving strategy to explore a wide range of options and consequences to arrive at a decision that contributes to wellbeing (WS6).

Students demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of fitness components by explaining how they are developed through dance/ballet (WS5). They reflect on their ability to work collaboratively during group physical challenges (WS3) and demonstrate fair play in net games (WS1). Students apply elements of movement and demonstrate specialised movement skills with a high degree of control in creating and performing a gymnastic sequence (WS2) and when playing net games of tennis and badminton (WS1). They explain tactics and propose strategies for successful play in net games (WS1).

Work samples

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