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Health and Physical Education

Years 5 and 6


Health and Physical Education - Satisfactory - Years 5 and 6

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can investigate and explain physical and emotional changes during puberty and suggest how to manage these changes (WS6). They can explain the influence of the media, people and places on identity (WS4, WS6). The student can describe emotional reactions to situations that young people face (WS4, WS6), and can demonstrate and explain how they can collaborate with a doubles partner (WS1). They can describe how they contribute to the wellbeing of others (WS3, WS6). The student can access relevant health information in relation to puberty (WS6) and apply a problem-solving strategy to arrive at decisions that contribute to wellbeing through responding to scenarios as well as during physical team challenges (WS3, WS6). The student can demonstrate an understanding of how several components of fitness can be developed through ballet (WS5). The student can apply elements of movement to create and perform a gymnastic sequence involving specialised movement skills (WS2). They can demonstrate effective badminton skills and tactics and explain movement challenges in tennis and badminton (WS 1).

Work samples

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