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The Arts: Media Arts

Years 7 and 8

Above satisfactory

Analysis: Contact

Summary of task

Students studied the communicative power of technical elements used in Media Arts as part of a unit of work on the documentary Contact (2009) by Bentley Dean and Martin Butler. They explored and analysed the technical elements of voice-over, music, sound effects and textual techniques in the documentary. They wrote analytical paragraphs as part of an assessment during the 10-week unit. They also explored ethical and subjective viewpoints in response to the documentary. They later used the techniques they had explored in the making of their own short documentaries for a school audience.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students identify and analyse how representations of social values and points of view are portrayed in the media artworks they make, distribute and view. They evaluate how they and other makers and users of media artworks from different cultures, times and places use genre and media conventions and technical and symbolic elements to make meaning. They identify and analyse the social and ethical responsibility of the makers and users of media artworks.

Students produce representations of social values and points of view in media artworks for particular audiences and contexts. They use genre and media conventions and shape technical and symbolic elements for specific purposes and meaning. They collaborate with others in design and production processes, and control equipment and technologies to achieve their intentions.

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