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The Arts: Visual Arts

Years 9 and 10

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Cultures in conjunction

Summary of task

Students analysed conjunctions between art forms and artists across time and cultures. They explored the ways that Asian art influenced the West in the past, and the ways that Western art has influenced contemporary Asian art in the present. 

They began by researching the form and representation that influenced the French Impressionist artists and identified influences from Japan. They later explored the influence of Japanese art on Australian artist Brett Whiteley.

The students then created a painting that has traditional and contemporary Asian symbolic references. They also synthesised elements of popular culture with traditional Asian composition and a personalised cinnabar seal.

Finally, students were asked to write a response to scrolls made by other students in the class.

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 10, students evaluate how representations communicate artistic intentions in artworks they make and view. They evaluate artworks and displays from different cultures, times and places. They analyse connections between visual conventions, practices and viewpoints that represent their own and others’ ideas. They identify influences of other artists on their own artworks.

Students manipulate materials, techniques and processes to develop and refine techniques and processes to represent ideas and subject matter in their artworks.

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