Glossary (Version 8.4)

Abstract scenario: a scenario for which there is no concrete referent provided.

Account for: provide reasons for (something).

Give an account of: report or describe an event or experience.

Taking into account: considering other information or aspects.

Consider in detail for the purpose of finding meaning or relationships, and identifying patterns, similarities and differences.

As defined in the Australian Curriculum: Senior Secondary Ancient History, the Ancient period covers history from the development of early human communities to the end of late antiquity (around AD 650).

An informal term commonly used to define the most recent period of geologic time. It is used to highlight the extent to which human activities have impacted on the Earth’s ecosystems. Evidence of human impact such as the proliferation and spread of managed and constructed elements of environments – together with climate change, habitat loss and species extinctions – are cited by scientists as evidence that human impact has significantly changed the nature of the earth’s biodiversity. There is not, however, a consensus on when the anthropocene commenced. Some scientists identify the Industrial Revolution as the start date. Others trace its beginnings to the rise of agriculture and the Neolithic Revolution some 12,000 years ago.

Biomes that are the result of sustained direct human interactions with ecosystems.

Use, utilise or employ in a particular situation.

Determine the value, significance or extent of (something).