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Health and Physical Education

Foundation Year

Above satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Above satisfactory - Foundation Year

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student works shows that the student can identify a number of changes in personal needs as they have grown from a baby (WS5) and identify emotions they feel in a given situation (WS6). The student cooperates with another child by working together to define a playing area (WS4). They can describe how to keep themselves healthy and how the body responds to physical activity (WS1) and identify people, places and actions for staying safe at school and in the community (WS6). The student performs object control skills of pushing and trapping to maintain a rally with a partner (WS4) and is able to perform fundamental movement skills of running, dodging and jumping to avoid a moving shadow, and can explain how to move to avoid the moving shadows (WS3). The student can create and perform safe balances and is able to explain strategies to maintain balances (WS2).


Work samples

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