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Health and Physical Education

Years 1 and 2

Above satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Above satisfactory - Years 1 and 2

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can recognise and illustrate changes that occur as people age, and can identify activities that change with increasing age (WS3). They can recognise personal factors that shape their personal identity (WS8) and identify how emotions can be connected to situations and events (WS9). The student can identify how their emotional responses affect the feelings of other people and recognise ways they can be kind and supportive towards others (WS9). They can identify factors that contribute to health and safety while at school (WS4) and describe behaviours and actions to keep themselves safe in a number of different environments and situations (WS7, WS10). The student demonstrates sportsmanship and the object control skill of striking by adjusting body position and racquet position to hit and return a tennis ball (WS2). They can identify how the body responds to physical activity (WS5, WS6) and recognise situations and opportunities to be physically active including suggestions on how to improve their performance (WS5). The student can create, integrate and perform movement sequences that flow, and respond to music cues (WS1).

Work samples

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