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Health and Physical Education

Years 1 and 2


Health and Physical Education - Satisfactory - Years 1 and 2

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can describe physical changes that occur as they age, and can identify relationships that change over time (WS3). They can identify physical and cognitive strengths and make connections between personal strengths and achievements (WS8). The student can reflect on how their emotional responses might affect other people and recognise ways they can be kind, helpful and supportive of others (WS9). They can describe rules and positive actions for keeping the classroom safe and identify skills, activities and actions to keep themselves healthy (WS4). The student can solve safety challenges and identify a range of behaviours for staying safe in different situations and environments (WS7, WS10). They can demonstrate sportsmanship and the object control skills of trapping and striking to control and hit a tennis ball (WS2). The student can identify a number of changes the body makes in response to physical activity (WS5, WS6) and can recognise one action to improve their level of physical activity (WS5). They can create an original movement sequence to music incorporating low and medium levels and free-flowing movements (WS1).

Work samples

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