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Health and Physical Education

Years 1 and 2

Below satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Below satisfactory - Years 1 and 2

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can identify physical growth as a change that occurs as they grow older and can identify one change in relationships that occurs as they age (WS3). They can identify one personal strength and identify that a personal strength can influence their actions (WS8). The student can identify how others respond to their emotional responses and behaviours (WS9). They can recognise a rule for safety in the classroom and identify meal breaks as a healthy option in the classroom (WS4). The student can recall a safety message and identify settings where safe behaviours are required (WS7, WS10). The student demonstrates sportsmanship (WS2) and uses trial and error to check the grip of their racquet, and changes body angle in an attempt to strike a tennis ball (WS2). They can identify body changes in response to physical activity (WS5, WS6) and recognise one opportunity to improve physical activity (WS5). The student creates and repeats a single movement and moves intermittently to the beat of the music (WS1).

Work samples

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