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Health and Physical Education

Years 3 and 4

Above satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Above satisfactory - Years 3 and 4

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the students explain how personal strengths can support and shape their identity (WS6). Students identify qualities they would like to improve and how, by improving this quality, they can overcome challenges (WS6). Students give detailed explanations of factors that influence their identity (WS6). They articulate their own feelings and describe respectful and empathetic responses towards others when working in small groups on a task (WS2). They describe different emotional responses and explain the benefit of assertive responses when interacting with others (WS9). Students use prescribed guidelines to suggest a range of options to improve health and wellbeing (WS4) and describe a variety of activities to support health, wellbeing and physical activity (WS8). They interact positively with peers and account for variations in emotional responses across the members of their group (WS2).

Students identify a number of ways to keep themselves and others safe and can explain decision-making processes used to select strategies to promote personal and group safety (WS7). Students explain group processes to solve problems and make decisions when working in small groups to complete a task (WS2) and use feedback to inform decisions (WS2). They demonstrate control and spatial awareness when performing a number of gymnastics skills and combine movements and balances to perform a gymnastics routine (WS5). Students successfully perform an overarm throw and modify body position, weight transference and jumps to adapt to a game situation (WS1). They give comprehensive explanations of skills associated with T-Ball and can describe how to modify technique to achieve a desired outcome (WS3).

Work samples

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