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Health and Physical Education

Years 3 and 4


Health and Physical Education - Satisfactory - Years 3 and 4

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can explain how personal strengths can be used to support and manage changes that are happening for them and can identify personal qualities they would like to improve (WS6). The student can identify a number of factors that influence their identity (WS6). They can show empathy towards others and identify their own emotional responses when working with others (WS2) and explain alternative and more positive responses when feeling angry (WS9). The student can use prescribed guidelines to suggest ways to stay healthy (WS4) and describe ways to promote physical activity (WS8). They can identify a number of locations in the community where they can be physically active and can describe a number of ways they can increase their opportunities to be physically active (WS8).

The student can interact positively with peers in small group situations (WS2). They can identify and use processes to promote safety for themselves and others at school and can describe how the qualities of respect and kindness contribute to safety (WS7). The student can use democratic decision-making processes and problem-solving skills when working in small groups on a task (WS2). They can demonstrate a number of gymnastics skills to create and perform a gymnastics routine combining a range of movements and balances (WS5). They can successfully perform and refine their overarm throwing technique (WS1) and can explain specific skills and techniques to improve batting performance in T-Ball (WS3). 

Work samples

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