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Health and Physical Education

Years 3 and 4

Below satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Below satisfactory - Years 3 and 4

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student can identify at least one strength to help them manage changes that are happening to them and identify one quality they would like to improve (WS6). They identify a limited number of factors that influence their identity (WS6). The student demonstrates awareness of others’ feelings (WS2), and identifies physical responses to emotions associated with anger and suggests a more positive response (WS9). They can suggest an option to help them stay healthy (WS4) and identify a strategy that promotes physical activity (WS8). The student identifies places in the community where they can be physically active and describes one way to use a community space for physical activity (WS8).

The student demonstrates awareness of others when working in small groups (WS2) and can identify a limited number of ways to keep themselves and others safe (WS7). They can use basic problem-solving and decision-making skills to create a simple skill routine (WS2) as well as a basic sequence of gymnastics movements (WS5). The student demonstrates an overarm throw in a controlled environment (WS1) and recognises a basic skill refinement to improve performance (WS3).

Work samples

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