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Health and Physical Education

Years 9 and 10

Below satisfactory

Health and Physical Education - Below satisfactory - Years 9 and 10

Portfolio summary

This portfolio of student work shows that the student uses health information to propose responses to the issues of nutrition and drink driving (WS2, WS3). The student applies and transfers some movement concepts and strategies and applies limited criteria to judge and refine their own movement skills in handball, bocce, soccer and indoor climbing (WS4, WS5, WS6). The student identifies factors that impact on identities and participation in physical activity by explaining the role that surf lifesaving has played in connecting two diverse communities (WS7). The student can create and use simple criteria to evaluate physical activity interventions and propose a free, teacher-led initiative to improve fitness and physical activity levels of their peers (WS9). They identify emotional responses to a social situation and explain that asking clarifying questions can improve relationships and understanding (WS8). The student can also identify the order in which to apply first aid processes to support a person with a breathing difficulty (WS1).

Work samples

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