Glossary (Version 8.4)

Estimate of the dispersion of the measurement result; the range of values around the measurement result that is most likely to include the true value.

Abstract scenario: a scenario for which there is no concrete referent provided.

Account for: provide reasons for (something).

Give an account of: report or describe an event or experience.

Taking into account: considering other information or aspects

The extent to which a measurement result represents the quantity it purports to measure; an accurate measurement result includes an estimate of the true value and an estimate of the uncertainty.

A set of symbols linked by mathematical operations; the set of symbols summarise relationships between variables.

Consider in detail for the purpose of finding meaning or relationships, and identifying patterns, similarities and differences.

Animal ethics involves consideration of respectful, fair and just treatment of animals. The use of animals in science involves consideration of replacement (substitution of insentient materials for conscious living animals), reduction (using only the minimum number of animals to satisfy research statistical requirements) and refinement (decrease in the incidence or severity of ‘inhumane’ procedures applied to those animals that still have to be used).

Data that does not fit a pattern; outlier.

Use, utilise or employ in a particular situation.

Determine the value, significance or extent of (something).