Glossary (Version 8.4)

A type of adverb that tells how something happens.

Vocabulary used to discuss language conventions and use (for example, language used to talk about grammatical terms, such as sentence, clause, conjunction; or about the social and cultural nature of language, such as reciprocating, register).

The use of a conceptual idea to describe another idea, such as thinking of time in terms of space.

The use of metaphor to allow iconic signs to represent abstract concepts; for example, the sign remember is iconic, in that it shows holding something in the head, but metaphorical because thoughts are not physical objects that can be held in the head.

The complete or partial articulation of a spoken word while signing, occurring without voice. This does not include mouth gestures, such as ‘pah’, which are not mouthings of English words.

The small number of signs that often occur with a particular mouth movement. Although such mouth movement is often described as obligatory, recent research shows that they do not always occur with a mouth gesture or with the same mouth gesture each time.