Glossary (Version 8.4)

A highly visual form of performance often incorporated into story telling which uses features of mime, gesture, NMFs and specific cinematic techniques in the production of signs. Techniques include close and distant focus, dissolving of visual images and cutting between scenes, objects and characters, and time distortion in the three dimensional delivery of visually presented information.

Signed languages are described as visual-gestural because they are received through vision and signed with hands, compared to spoken languages which are described as auditory-oral languages, as they are received through hearing and spoken with the mouth. The term is not equating signed languages with gesture in general.

A common term for a video blog. As Auslan is a visual language, signers may choose to post online in Auslan via video rather than posting in written English.

The common protocol in an Auslan class to not use voice, as use of spoken English while signing can interfere with the acquisition of quality Auslan. The directive usually given to students is ‘voice-off’.

Video Relay Service: A video relay uses visual technology to allow deaf users of Auslan to communicate over the telephone with hearing people via a VRS interpreter.